Read Me First

A substantially updated version of the hypertextbook is available here. Please migrate to that version. This one will eventually disappear.

Read Me First

Hello, and welcome to Biofilms: The hypertextbook, Version 3.  Whether you have arrived here by chance or invitation, there are a few things you should be aware of as you use this version of the hypertextbook.

Peruse the Help Pages

If this is your first look at the hypertextbook, you should review all of the help sections in the "help" dropdown menu above to learn how to use the hypertextbook and to get the most benefit from it.    Our suggestion is that you read this page first and then review the other pages.

Work in Progress

First, we need to let everyone know where we are in this work in progress.  Version 1 of Biofilms: The hypertextbook was a proof of concept version.  It is still quite usable and can be found at

The content from that site has been ported to this one.  We recommend that you use this version of the hypertextbook for your instructional and/or learning needs. 


You should expect some anomalies as you work your way through this version, because their are some.  You will see some stylistic things that need to be fixed, a few links that don't work, occasional missing pictures, misspellings, and so forth.  The stylistic changes are easy, coming through straightforward stylesheet changes.  Missing items are the result of the ongoing process adding new content.  As you check back, you should experience regular progress in all of these areas.

What's New and Different Technically

A number of technical changes have been incorporated in this version of the hypertextbook.  These include:

Version 3, Release 2—August 12, 2008

Version 3, Release 1—August 1, 2008

Version 2, Release 4—July 28, 2008

Version 2, Release 3—July 24, 2008

Version 2, Release 2—June 15, 2008

Version 2, Release 1—February, 2008

Version 2.1 represented a complete overhaul of the hypertextbook infrastructure.  The content from the first version was ported to this new format.  Its features included

What's New and Different in Content

Version 3, Release 1--August 1, 2008

We label this incarnation the first release of Version 3 for two reasons:

Version 2, Release 3—July 24, 2008

Version 2, Release 2—June 15, 2008

Version 2, Release 1—February, 2008

And One Great Addition to the Editorship

In recogntion of his uwavering support of undergraduate biofilm education, his tireless efforts in writing and publishing biofilm exercises and examples, and his many contributions to this project, the hypertextbook team has appointed Dr. John Lennox, Professor Emeritus, Penn State Altoona, to be a co-editor of Biofilms: The Hypertextbook, as of June, 2008.


We hope you enjoy the new version of the hypertextbook and encourage your use of it as it evolves. Please feel free to pass along comments to either or both of the editors:

Technical Oversight: ross AT cs DOT montana DOT edu

Content Oversight: al_c AT biofilm DOT montana DOT edu