Chapter 10 Biofilm Processes
Section 3 Biofilms and Industry
Page 2 Industrial Interest in Biofilms

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Industrial Interest in Biofilms

This section provides information about microbial biofilms and their relevance to Industrial, Environmental, and Medical Biotechnology applications.

It is very important to consider ongoing industrial interest in the role of biofilms in biotechnology. The Center for Biofilm Engineering at Montana State University--Bozeman has a very active Industrial Associates program in which companies and agencies interested in biofilms join the program, pay an annual subscription fee, and attend technical conferences semi-annually.

Center for Biofilm Engineering Industrial Associate Members
Figure 1 . Center for Biofilm Engineering Industrial Associate Members.
This figure shows the 2007 membership (23 members) which includes companies and agencies in  HealthCare, Biomedical, Pharmaceuticals, Specialty Chemical, Petroleum, Water, and others.

Industrial Associate Members by Industry
Figure 2. Industrial Associate Members by Industry.
This figure shows the total Industrial Associate membership (73 member) during the period of 1986-2007 by category of interest. During this 21-year period the CBE has collaborated with these diverse companies and agencies on a wide variety of biofilm-related issues. These collaborations have generated a data base of industrially-relevant biofilm research and testing results which has been recorded in numerous project reports, theses, and journal publications.

Review and synthesis of the results of this 21-year collaboration provide very interesting insight into the collective interests of a large, diverse group of companies and agencies concerning problems and opportunities associated with biofilms. There are two very broad categories of interest: 1) Controlling Biofilm Accumulation, and 2) Engineered Biofilms. The next two pages focus on each of these categories.